Jimi Hendrix's Gibson Flying V's

Jimi was knows to have 3 1967 Gibson Flying V's, 2 series models the first being the psychedelic self decorated one, the second being a 1968 tobacco sunburst and the third being his left handed made especially for him by Gibson in 1969.

Serial number unknown.

1967 Gibson Flying V, originally black. Custom psychedellic paintings done by Jimi himself.
Vibrola is the flat base type.

One can notice that the bridge saddles are plastic which could be found on such models.

This guitar was noticably used by Jimi during his concert in Paris during his 67/68 tour.

Serial Number: 932954. Year of Manufacture: 1969. 

 Hendrix used this guitar between January 1969 (when he gave Mick Cox his famous psychedelic V / quand il a donné à Mick Cox sa fameuse psychédélique V ) and May 1970 ( when he bought his custom left-handed model). 

Serial number 849476 manufactured specially for Jimi in 1969, this guitar probably left the factory in 1970.
Jimi was paying this specific V during the Isle of Whight concert.

This is a 1967 type based on batch 3/4: it has the long shelf. The routings and pickguard are left handed as mirrored from a right handed guitar.

All hardware is gold.
The vibrato is a typical flatmount base (no difference left or right) with a special string anchor bit and lever (made with 3 different holes for longitudinal adjustment.

This was the first time Gibson inlayed a pearl logo in a Flying V. This feature was subsequently used on the 89/90 V90's, the Golden Eagle, the Hendrix signature in 91 and the Centennial in 94.
The split diamond inlay was requested specially by Jimi (it was a new design at the time) made to represent native indians arrow heads. This inlay has been used since on the  89/90 V90's, the Golden Eagle, the Hendrix signature in 91 and the Centennial in 94.

The tuners strangely enough are quite odd : they are Kluson buitl "Gibson Deluxe" double line tuners but single line tulip buttons which is unusual since during that period and up to 1971 at least, the perloid buttons had 2 rings.

Note : background on all pictures are Jimi Hendrix's belongings.

Your host with Jimi's lefty

Thanks to Jimmy at the Hard Rock Café Vault for access to Jimi (H)'s V.

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